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Live in Barú, near the magic of Cartagena

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A protected paradise

in contact with a natural, wild environment and in the middle of a tropical dry forest.

In Barú, taking care of nature is a priority. For this reason, Calablanca has been designed as a nature-centered project, able to blend with its tropical forest, offering you the greatest wonders of the Caribbean’s biodiversity.

The drive from Calablanca from Cartagena will give you incredible landscapes during a 60-minute trip, with stunning vistas while crossing the Pasacaballos Barú to the peninsula.

Balance between

design, exclusivity, and nature

A paradise in the Caribbean sea to relax under the tropical sky. A place where the weather is always perfect for enjoying its turquoise waters.

Live Cartagena’s magic

The colonial city can seduce you with its vibrant lifestyle. You will find many places to party in the Colombian style, enjoy countless restaurants and cafes, and delight in its beautiful rustic streets.

Fall in love with the tropical spirit

Blue skies, white sand, bright sunshine, and crystal clear sea, just what you need to live unique experiences and create new memories on a Caribbean beach.

Culture and fun in one place

Just 20 minutes by boat, you can enjoy Cartagena, its delightful gastronomic offerings, and its history. Explore the Fort of San Felipe, the Historical Museum of Cartagena, the Walled City, and the Zenú Gold Museum, among other spaces to explore art, culture, music, and festivals.

Enjoy places full of life

Walk the beautiful beaches of the Rosario Islands and enjoy a calm sea with soft, almost-imperceptible waves. Get to know the aquarium where you can practice diving and snorkeling guided by specialized staff.

In Calablanca you will see the most incredible spectacles of nature

Calablanca’s Caribbean beaches are full of irresistible natural treasures due to its proximity to the San Bernardo coral reserve. In its beautiful turquoise waters, diverse environments have developed, bursting with life. The peninsula has one of the most extraordinary coral formations globally, so rare that its care and preservation are a priority for the national parks that protect it.

Live surrounded by the luxury you deserve

Condos and villas for sale in Barú, a private paradise near Cartagena, surrounded by all the wonders of nature.


Exclusive condos

Calablanca’s condos grant you access to every modern convenience with sweeping views of the Caribbean. Areas from 1094 ft2.

From USD $333,400

*Price based on current exchange rate (TRM): $3.850 COP

*Published prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


Luxury villas

Enjoy privacy to the fullest with a villa in Barú. Every home has a pool, luxury finishes, and several customization options. Areas from 2666,54 ft2

From USD $981,383

*Price based on current exchange rate (TRM): $3.850 COP

*Published prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.