Find your paradise next to the Caribbean

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Find balance and tranquility in nature

Located beside Sofitel Calablanca, our private villas and condos were designed with indoor-outdoor luxury living in mind. Wake up to exclusive ocean views and stroll along Calablanca’s white sand beaches. At Calablanca we are putting well-being at the core of luxury living.

Experience luxury in a turquoise sea


Luxury condos

Calablanca’s condos grant you access to every modern convenience with sweeping views of the Caribbean. Areas from 1094 Ft².

From USD $333,400

*Price based on current exchange rate (TRM): $3.850 COP

*Published prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


Private villas

Enjoy privacy to the fullest with a villa in Barú. Every home has a pool, luxury finishes, and several customization options. Areas from 2666.54 ft2

From USD $981,383

*Price based on current exchange rate (TRM): $3.850 COP

*Published prices are subject to change at any time without prior notice.


A destination to make your home in Barú

There is no limit to joy in an intimate paradise surrounded by nature such as Calablanca in Barú. Buy your condo or villa in a project with all the necessary amenities to enjoy every second to the fullest.

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Witness the spectacular biodiversity of the Colombian Caribbean

Calablanca is a vibrant community living in harmony with Colombia’s natural treasures. Secreted away from the bustle of Cartagena, Calablanca hosts an incredible variety of exotic plants and animals. Watch dolphins, turtles, and colorful birds pass by your window. Be ready to relax and enjoy the best of this diverse and majestic territory.

  • -More than 60 species of corals

  • -153 species of crustaceans

  • -244 species of mollusks

  • -513 species of fish

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Explore art, culture, and music in a single place

Just 20 minutes by boat, you can enjoy the magic of Cartagena, its delightful gastronomic offerings, and its history. Stroll down the cobblestone streets admiring Spanish colonial architecture, or take in a view of the sunset over the bay from a bar perched on the walls of the old city.

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A one of a kind jewel in Baru

Calablanca will offer a lifestyle with services and experiences beyond those of a traditional resort through gastronomy, entertainment, and coworking space, where you can enjoy:

  • - Beach club

  • - Gym

  • - Nature walks

  • - Swimming pool

  • - Restaurant

  • - Beach bar

  • - Spa

A project with the highest standards of quality

Built by Arquitectura & Concreto and supported by internationally renowned companies. You can trust that your home in Barú was developed by a company with over 30 years of experience in Colombia.

Land owner & Development partner

Hotel Operator

Project manager and builder